Aglaonema Tigress | Chinese Evergreen

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Last summer, we found this lovely gem at Mother Co. Plants, in Minneapolis MN. The magnificent patterned leaves shimmering with silver has us head over heels.

The Aglaonema “Tigress” is just one of many varieties of a Chinese Evergreen. Aglaonema plants are very easy-going and will tolerate moist & dry conditions + low & bright light situations.

So, keep reading for some excellent plant care tips on how to keep these plants thriving!

Chinese Evergreen Care

Common Name: Chinese Evergreen, Philippine Evergreen, Poison Dart Plant
Botanical Name: Aglaonema
Family: Araceae
Light: Low to moderate, can tolerate short periods of bright indirect light
Soil: Well-draining soil.
Water: Lightly moistened soil, do not overwater. 
Fertilizer: Not required, but will grow best once or twice a year in spring or summer
Pests & Diseases: Scale, aphids, leaf spot, root rot
Air Purifying: Cleans and improves air quality by filtering toxins from the surrounding environment.


Low to moderate light – can tolerate short periods of bright indirect light

These tropical plants are known for their ease of care and ability to grow in low light areas. They are a perfect plant for a dark corner in need of some color. 

The more variegated a plant is the more light required to keep them happy. The glittering patterned leaves on the Tigress tells us he prefers more BRIGHT INDIRECT LIGHT over low light.

TIP: Too much light will SUNBURN your plants’ leaves.

Chinese Evergreen
Chinese EvergreenPhoto Credit:
Chinese Evergreen
Chinese EvergreenPhoto Credit:


These plants don’t like being soggy, so wait until the top two inches of soil is dry, and then water thoroughly. Never let the roots sit in standing water; ensure the pot has proper drainage.

Water as needed in the growing season (spring through summer). Water less frequently in the winter. Chinese evergreens located in lower light areas should be watered less often; indoor plants placed in brighter spots will require more frequent watering.

VIDEO Aglaonema Plant Care

Here is a fantastic Chinese Evergreen (Aglaoneama) video by Planterina!